366th Security Police
Da Nang Air Base
Republic of Vietnam

Dear Dog Handler,

Do you remember the dogs you handled? I know I do. Have you ever longed to know more about them, or
about one particular dog that you really bonded with? Well, brother, here is your chance.
Please read this very carefully – this is an opportunity that we dog handlers have been dreaming of for more
than 40 years!

Military Working Dog Records Now Available

The Nemo’s War Dog Heroes Memorial Committee is offering YOU the first-ever opportunity to obtain the information from YOUR dog’s official Military Records, Air Force Form 323 (“Sentry Dog Record”). The history of YOUR dogs – stateside and overseas – is NOW available to you for a donation to the Nemo’s War Dog Heroes Memorial. From these records you could learn:

1 Who donated or provided YOUR dogs to the Air Force.
2 The date YOUR dogs entered the service (along with other dates and information).
3 The dates YOUR dogs were whelped and the date and reason they were euthanized.
4 The names of other handlers who were assigned to YOUR dogs.
5 Installations served and other service information on YOUR dogs.
6 Other service-connected forms as they are available for YOUR dogs.

How do we happen to have all this information? The Nemo’s War Dog Heroes Memorial Committee has legally obtained copies of more than 30,000 AF Forms 323 of Military Working Dogs that served from the 1960’s to the 1980’s at Stateside and overseas bases, from all branches of our military services. These are the records that they’ve been telling us were not available – for all these years. The information from these records is now available to YOU - the handlers.


There’s More! – Film and Photos of Nemo Himself!

We’re offering to you a one-hour DVD from actual Air Force movie footage and still photographs, which will take you from the events of the attack on Tan Son Nhut, to Nemo’s return to Texas as a hero, the dedication of the Nemo Memorial site at Lackland, and actual videos of the reconstruction of Nemo’s kennel. Actual footage of Tan Son Nhut Air Force Base is included. In addition, there are three segments that take you from the birth of the Nemo Project, the restoration of Nemo’s Kennel at Lackland, and finally a section entitled “Taps” that includes a slideshow and actual photographs and footage of several of Nemo’s handlers. This DVD is a “must see” for any MWD handler past, present, and future. Watching it will make you very proud to have been a dog handler. There are still photographs from a private collection, that to be best of my knowledge, have not been available until this project.


Nemo’s War Dog Heroes Memorial

All funds that are raised will support the Nemo’s War Dog Heroes preserve the honor and heritage of war dogs and their handlers. Nemo’s (A534) original kennel site at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, display is an ongoing work in progress, and with your help, our dogs that have served and continue to serve our nation.


To learn about the Nemo’s War Dog Heroes Memorial – please go to:
http://www.sentrydognemo.com Take a tour by clicking on the blue icons.


To Obtain YOUR Dog's Records, or the Nemo DVD

  1. - Download War Dog Order PDF Format

  2. - fill in the required information,

  3. - mail it to the address on the bottom of the form,

  4. - DO NOT forget to enclose your personal check or money order.

  5. - For YOUR dog's records and the DVD, enclose a minimum donation of $30

  6. - For YOUR dog's records only, enclose $20

  7. - For the Nemo DVD only, enclose $15

  8. - For records of each additional dog you handled, enclose another $5

  9. - If you wish to donate additional to support the Memorial, go for it!