Luis Guzman remembers his Shep A902

Shep (A902) was a very strong dog for his age and size. 

I was once challenged by Bill King who thought he could handle Shep.  Bill was himself big (about 6' 2 ")and strong (he could have played as an interior offensive lineman).  I put a muzzle on Shep and put him in his kennel, Bill tried to go in and put a leash on him but Shep bolted through his legs and out he went.  Luckily, Shep went into the kennel area and I was able to call him back.  I put the leash on him and gave him to Bill, Bill wasn't able to control him as Shep was all over him.  That was the last time anybody ever complained about Shep.

When I was coming home and I was told to cross train Shep to Robert Lee. Shep turned on Robert and bit him through the muzzle.  Yes, just a few stories about Shep, and yes he was considered crazy.


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