Greetings All;     
Most of you have already received this news so I apologize for repeating myself.    After many phone calls we have found,what I think, might be the perfect place. The Hotel 1620 Plymouth Harbor. The dates are the 17th 18th and 19th of October this year  The phone number to make reservations is 508 747 4900.The group name is the 366th K9. The rate is $169 a night. These rates will hold for two days before and two days after those dates.

If you want to come even earlier than those dates or stay longer it can be arranged. Just give me a call or text 781 422 1408.    Every place I called was either priced too high or unable to fill our needs.    This place wanted us not for the business but for our history.

Plymouth is an incredible place. Come and learn about the people who settled here. You will never forget their story. Their courage and determination are beyond belief.    

Come and see and go aboard the boat ( exact replica ) that they set out to sea aboard only to turn around back to where they started and then set out again.  

When you see her you will get a feel for how determined they really were. I will be sending out more information on what is here. There is a lot!    If you haven't already please email me at or text 781 422 1408 to let me know you are coming.    

We'll have a great time ! Come join us .  

Mac McDonough