Hello, Hello, Hello y'all,

I know it's been a long time since I have communicated with everyone. Last year was a really rough year for all of us and our family and friends. The pandemic made it impossible to plan our reunion for 2020 and it was decided to postpone it until this year.

The future is finally looking brighter and I would like to propose moving forward with our reunion in San Antonio. As I reported last year, San Antonio was chosen from most responses for the following reasons--

It could be our last "national" reunion due to age and health concerns ( we can still have regional reunions).

It is where we all started with Basic Training and Dog School.

The War Dog Memorial at Lackland would be great to visit and take group pictures.

It has a new dog handler's museum.

It has easy access by air, rail, and vehicle.

Dates will be arrival on Thursday September 30th and leaving on Sunday October 3rd. As usual, you are welcome to arrive early and leave late. I believe we should be pretty well back to normal at that time.

I need to have you let me know if you are comfortable having our reunion this year and if you plan on attending before I can begin looking for a hotel, location for our Saturday night dinner, etc.

I hope we will have interest in regional reunions in the future. I would be more than willing to assist in future reunions if there is a desire to do so.

Again, please respond to me if you plan to attend or not attend our reunion this year in San Antonio.

Looking forward to hearing back from everyone of you in the near future.



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