366th Security Police
Da Nang Air Base
Republic of Vietnam
  Dave and Duncan 64X5 Dave and Ringo A980 at China Beach
Snoopy Sign at the kennels
K-9 Duce and a half at the compound
Hercules and Lee Todd at China Beach
AFVN Mascot on Monkey Mountain
The Kennels, 69 - 70
The view from AFVN Station on Monkey Mountain
Entire Da Nang K-9 section after RIF in 1970
Dave writes:
RIF is "reduction in force". And we were RIFFed but good. This picture shows all that was left of the K-9 section, with the exception of the day staff and Kennelmaster. You have a picture somewhere in the website that shows them, too. That's all they left us. Teams worked 2 or 3 of the old posts. I remember at one time working 39 nights with no time off.
We snuck out to China Beach one morn after post to "bathe the dogs". We had the beach to ourselves when we showed up with 8 dog teams....It was dawn, anyway.
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