366th Security Police
Da Nang Air Base
Republic of Vietnam
      Gary Knutson on the perimiter with Eric 218E  
    on their last night together. Taken by Don Jones   All photo files can be clicked on to show
    in 1966. Gary and Don were both involved with   a larger single picture except the 460 picttures
    Operation Top Dog 65. Gary passed away Aug 17, 2018   in the 2006 reunion (red lettering)
    due to Agent Orange    
      Ron England's Pictures
      Jerry Kellogg's Pictures
      Greg Dunlap's Pictures
      Glen Goodman's Pictures
      Gary Knutson's Pictures
      Marc Hampton's Pictures
      Don Jones's Pictures
      Jimmy "Clem" Gifford's Pictures
      Jerry Ross's Pictures
  Jim Clicks Pictures   Pat Saldiver's Pictures   "Rev" Dave Slish's Pictures
  Herb Norfolk's Pictures   Byron Martin's Pictures   Frank Pannullo's Pictures
  Vance McCrumb's Pictures   Charles Heafner's Pictures   Steve Jantz's Pictures
  Marcus Petty's Pictures   Dave Stanley's Pictures   Don Giffin's Pictures
  Russ Freeburg's Pictures   Alton Haley's Pictures   Henry Hernandez's Pictures
  Robert A Lee's Pictures   Everett Tremblay's Picture's   Joe Sirois's Pictures
  Tony Hinson's Pictures   Misc pictures that were left over   Charlie Hanson's Pictures
  Robert Kendrick's Pictures   Steve Luz's wedding card   Duty Roster, July 15, 1967
  Group shot in front of the kennels, 1968   Frank Ward's Pictures   Duty Roster, June 28, 1968
  Security Instructions, Kilo 8   Aaron Huffman's Pictures   10 Codes
  Security Instructions, Kilo 29, "Between the Fences"   Ken Maddox's Pictures   Weapon Spec's
  Halbmaier in the News   John Worsham's Bronze Star Ceremony   Jim Click and Gary Snapp want to know if anyone remembers Danny Phillips
  Da Nang Airport today from Google Earth   Christmas Menu, 1967   Air Force Form 323
  Brad Deal's Pictures   "The Gunfighter" April 19, 1968   The Bomb Dump blows up, May 1969
  Tom Griffith's pictures of early Phan Rang   List of all dog and handlers assigned to all bases in Vietnam and Thailand.   Lee Miller's Pictures
  Darryl Carper's pictures   Richard Mutter's Pictures   Alexander Zion at Phan Rang
  Sammy Dunn's Pictures   Gary Nelson's Pictures   Ron Gallager's Pictures
  Captain Warren Kent's Pictures   Topo, Da Nang   Don Giffin's newspaper clippings of Da Nang attacks
  Gerald Monteabaro's Pictures   Harold Manning's Christmas Card   Group Shot at the Beach
  Kennel Master Harold Whitt's life in the Air Force   Mark Petty sent us a clipping of Hamilton AFB, 1967   Ernie Gowell's Tech School Graduation Picture
  Ken Bolds Pictures   Base Diagram from the "Welcome to Da Nang" booklet   Ernie Gowell's pictures
  James W. Wilson (Supply)   Ken Maddox and John L McNulty's original orders from Dyess AFB, Texas to Top Dog 65   UTube Video of Gary Knutson and others at Da Nang
Overhead shot of Da Nang, 1968
  Da Nang Today   A bus ride down Route 1 (north to south) through Da Nang today   The Bricks of Da Nang
Riverside 2011
Seattle 2017
New Bedford 2018
Memphis 2019
The Great Pandemic of Rapid City 2020
San Antonio 2023
(a publication of the 366th SPS K-9)
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Tall Tales and Stories
  Greg Dunlap's Stories and Tales   Vance McCrumb, Operation Top Dog   Don Jones's Memory
  Jerry Ross   Luis Guzman remembers his Shep A902   Jim Click, "A Tribute to the War Dog"
  Recordings of Rocket Attacks on Da Nang   Bob Bedford remembers a rainy night   Damian Osuna remembers Spartacus
  AF History of attacks on Da Nang AB (1965-1973)   Fred Hewitt returns to Vietnam   Billy Gramlin introduces himself
  John Worsham and Danny Phillips reunite   Jerry Grey talks about Phan Rang   Vance and Kathy McCrumb at a MOH Ceremony
  The Worsham's visit Lackland for the 50th TET Ceremony   William Doyle's PowerPoint presentation of Da Nang   Chet gets a Christmas Surprise
      William Doyle was a 1965 Security Police at Da Nang    
Military Working Dog Heritage Museum Newsletter,
" The Paw Print"
  From Sea to Shining Sea   Killed in Iraq, dog team buried together   Baseball's Greatest Play
  2001 Parade Magazine, "They were hero's too"   Arlington   America the Beautiful
Reveille A Different Christmas Poem Vietnam, A Place
  A tribute to all who served   Tribute to Vietnam Veterans   The Quiet Commercial
  Remember Me   The Guardians of the Night   War Dog Memorial Pages on Google
  A Special Bond between Soldiers in Iraq   Security Forces Memorial   Project Compassion, Kaziah and Friends
  Support Our Troops   A Tribute to the Flag   Riverside War Dog Memorial Dedication, Feb. 21, 2000
      D Day, June 6th, 1944   Before you go
  Remember Memorial Day   These are my credentials   World Trade Center Tribute
  Alabama War Dogs Memorial Dedication   Wisdom, Dogs and People   100 Greatest Military Photo's
  Just A Dog   A Beautiful Tribute   Veterans can now Salute the Flag
  Honor and Remember Flag   Canadian Highway of Hero's   Dogs and People
  Georgia Welcomes Home a Hero   366th SPS K-9 Facebook Page   Here's to the Hero's
  SR 71 Tribute   War Dogs Newsletter   First line of Defense, Military Working Dogs
  I Fought for You   Before They Go   10 Anniversary Dedication March AB War Dog Memorial
  Vietnam Veteran's Memorial   B-24 plant in Michigan   So God made a dog
  MWD Memorial at Lackland AFB   K-9 Memorials Across the Country   Defender Statue at the National Air Force Museum
  Mama Lucca   National Geographic's "Hero Dogs"   Supposed 1969 CIA Map of Da Nang Area
  366th SPS History   Customs Tag from England   6 Part UTube Series on filing a VA Claim
Complete listing of U.S Facilities in Vietnam   WW2 Devil Dogs   Federal Benefits for dependents and survivors
  Vietnam War Dogs "Remembering and Honoring"  
You are never alone
  Duty Called
  A New Monument to Women and Military Working Dogs opens at Arlington National Cemetery.   Air Base Defense in Vietnam  (1961 - 1973)  38 MG     Pixie and Brutus Click on the top numbers to advance (90 episodes at posting)
      We are Americans - Ronald Reagan    
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