366th Security Police
Da Nang Air Base
Republic of Vietnam
Bullet 774F

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Glen said that he found the people that donated Bullet.

"I talked to the wife but the hubby had passed.  I told her about Bullet while I had him.  She said that she and her children had often thought about him and wondered what ever happened to him.  She said that she was going to call her children and tell them that I had contacted her and told her about Bullet."

Handled by A2C Norman Flanary, A3C James Priest, Lincoln AFB, Nebraska, 1963-1965, brought to Da Nang by A3C James Priest, January 30, 1966, A1C John Denison August 1966, A2C James Priest September 1966, A1C Glenn Goodman, January 1967, Sgt Fredrick Hewitt, December 1967, A1C David Zickafoos December 1967, Amn Peter Koenig, February 1969, Sgt John Farnher January 1970 at Bien Hoa AB, Sgt Danny Tibbits, April 1970. Lincoln AFB Nebraska, Da Nang AB, Bien Hoa AB Vietnam

Whelped August 1961, Algonquin, Illinois, accepted February 1963 Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas, Lincoln AFB, Nebraska April 1963, Da Nang AB, Vietnam July 1966, Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam January 1970.  Final Patrol January 11, 1971

Khan 251F

Handled by A3c James Gott,  A2C Anthony Pallowe, Plattsburg AFB, NY, August 1962 July 1965, A2C Ronald Anderson January 1966, Da Nang AB, A2C Thomas Hoekema, September 1966, A2C Samuel Dunn, January 1967, Sgt Chester Moore January 1968.  Plattsburg AFB, New York, Da Nang AB, Vietnam

Whelped July 1960, Cheyenne, Wyoming, accepted April 1962 Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas, Plattsburg AFB, NY, Da Nang, Vietnam. Final Patrol December 21, 1968.

Blackie 129X

Trained at Lackland AFB by Sgt Al Watts and brought to Da Nang as Operation Top Dog 45 , June 1965, A2C Don Poss July 1965, A1C JC Butts July 1966, A1C David Porter January 1967, Sgt Gregory Dunlap January 1968, unreadable, Clarence DeDecker February 1969, A1C James Tarrant November 1969, Sgt Clarence DeDecker January 1970 Tan Son Nhut AB, Sgt Larry Dougherty, June 1970. Da Nang, Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam.

Whelped December 1962, accepted June 1963, Da Nang Top Dog 45, June 1965, Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam January 1970.  Final Patrol November 23, 1970.

King 6F61

Handled by A2C Fredrick Young, June 1960, Luke AFB, Arizona, A2C Jack Crowson, January 1963 Cannon AFB, New Mexico, A3C Niel Ford, July 1963, A2C Donald Cheek, September 1965, A1C Donald Jones, November 1965, brought to Da Nang by A1C Donald Jones in December 1965, A2C Robert Barnwell, November 1966, A2C Rudy Hicks, October 1967, A1C Henry Houston September 1968, Sgt James Gorby, January 69.

Whelped February 1959 , acquired March 1960, Lackland AFB, San Antonio Texas, Luke AFB Arizona, June 1960, Cannon AFB, New Mexico, January 1963, Da Nang, Vietnam, December 1965. Final Patrol January 3, 1969

  Rinny A116  

Handled by A2C Harry Long, February 1964, Amarillo AFB, Texas, brought to Da Nang by A2c John Detota as part of Operation Top Dog 45 in November 1965, A2C Jim Click, March 1967, A1C Steven Luz, February 1968, A1c Michael Neel, December 1968, A1c William Allred, December 1969, A1C Ronald Briel, Tan Son Nhut Air Base, January 1970.

Whelped February 1962, acquired August 13th , 1963, Lackland AFB, Amarillo AFB, Texas, Da Nang AB 1965, Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam 1970. Last patrol January 22, 1971.

  Hilda 0E46  

Brought to Da Nang November, 1965 by A2C Byron Martin as part of Top Dog 45, A2C Robert Bedford November 1966, Sgt. David Slish October 1967, A1C Everett Trembley March 1968, A1C Paul Halbmaier July 1968, A1C James Fordyce September 1968.

Whelped January 1958, acquired January 15th, 1960, Lackland AFB, Da Nang AB 1965. Last patrol August 5, 1968.

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"Victory at all cost. Victory in spite of all terror. Victory no matter how long and how hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival"
Winston Churchill May 13, 1940