366th Security Police
Da Nang Air Base
Republic of Vietnam


Duncan 64X5


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Handled by A1C John McCrady, Da Nang, Nov 1966, A2C Albert Tomlinson, June 1967, A2C Robert Campbell, Aug 1967, A1C Charles Brooks, Aug 1968, A1C David Stanley, Aug 1969, Sgt Gerald Ostrander, May 1970, Bien Hoa, A1C Marshall Sheetz, Aug 1970, A1C Gene Sterlery, Dec 1970, Da Nang AB, Bien Hoa AB Vietnam

Whelped March 1962, Ellenville, New York, accepted October 1966, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas, Da Nang AB, Vietnam November 1966, Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam May 1970.  Final Patrol March 16, 1971.

Ringo A980

Handled by Pat Saldiver 1966-67, Barry Towasser 1967-68, David Stanley, Da Nang 1969, Columbus AFB, Mississippi, Da Nang

Whelped March 1964, Somerville, Mass, acquired May 1965, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas, Da Nang AB, Vietnam. Final patrol, May 12, 1972

Baron X455

Handled by Ernest E Gowell, 1967; Wayne R Bagwell, 1968; Marvin P Calhoun, 1968; Mark L Kreter, 1969; Robert A Mathews and James H Barner, 1970; Mark G. Withrow and Richard S. Holden, 1971; and Larry D. Zahrowski in 1972.

Whelped on November 20th, 1965 and acquired from Josephine M Gario of Avon, Connecticut on Feburary 26th, 1967. Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas, Da Nang AB, Vietnam. Final patrol, February 19th, 1973.
Vaughn 826F
Handled by Roy L Hutchinson in 1963 and Patrick F Compton in 1965 at Lincoln AFB, Nebraska. Went to Da Nang in 1967 and was handled by Patrick F Compton, robert L Hess, and Ernest E Gowell in 1967.
Whelped in February 1962 and acquired in March of 1963 from Beaumont, Texas. Served at Lincoln AFB, Nebraska and Da Nang. Final Patrol July 17, 1967.
  Rex 9F97  

Handled by Steven Mayzorsky and Dennis Calehuff at Andrews AFB, Washington D.C. Brought to Da Nang in Operation Top Dog in 1965 by Tom Baker. Emil Lobzko in 1966, Vincent Burns and Richard Morely in 1967,

Whelped in July 1959 and acquired in November of 1961 from Terra Haute, Indiana. Served at Andrews AFB, Washington D.C. and Da Nang. Final Patrol July 24, 1967.


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