366th Security Police
Da Nang Air Base
Republic of Vietnam
Kathy and Vance McCrumb at the Medel of Honor Ceremony for United States Army Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kettles.
Emails from Vance

The wife and I were at the rear of the East Room, in the corner too the left of the President. I sat next to Lt. Gen. James McConville, Deputy Chief of Staff.  We had a nice conversation and I used a lot of 'Sir.'

This link is to the Army photos taken at the White House and the Pentagon.  The WH ceremony was cool but the Pentagon one was really over the top.  Those guys really know how to present a Medal of Honor recipient.  At that ceremony we sat on the right fourth or fifth row up second and third seat from the isle.  Wife sat next to an Army Captain. 

Be sure to watch the short video with Chuck.  Its only 40 seconds or so on the below site.

There was so much brass at the Pentagon ceremony it would make a brass monkey jealous. 


The below link is of the dinner in DC.  View was fantastic.  The wife and I are shown on WMI_3054.jpg.


Couple other things.  We had to send in our SS, dob and full name well in advance of the trip.  At the official hotel in DC we had to pass through scanners before boarding the buss to the WH or Pentagon.  There loaded us on five large Gray Hound type buss'. Once on the road we had a police escort, flashing light and sirens.  They stopped all the traffic on the express ways and through the city. 

Once at the WH we went through three more security checks again showing our photo ID and check for our name on list.  Did this at each of the three security checks stations.  One of the guys was a WH K-9 officer but he was without his dog. 

Vance also sent this image, click on it and you will see a larger copy of a rainbow coming down onto the Pentagon behind the Air Force Memorial

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timid." - Dwight D. Eisenhower